Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Shell shocked!

Well, well, well! Our club AGM incorporating Summer championship trophy presentation and London Marathon draw had been on the cards for quite some time.  I didn't however, give too much thought to the question of  'what if I get a place?'

The week leading up to the get together had been a pretty ordinary one.  Training is plodding along nicely.  I avoided the 'Hill from Hell' that is Carr Lane on Wednesday by opting for the shorter of the runs on offer and since I was leading, stayed at the back and frantically ran backwards and forwards to the last runner, giving myself a really good workout! So said meeting meant no run on Friday, I couldn't fit it in earlier since I had to dash from work to the meeting.  I thought about doing parkrun on Saturday but that was out since I had to be at the vet for 9:10 - the runners would have been over a mile into their run whilst I was down the road in Shipley and oddly enough there was no race on Sunday either so I have had a really relaxed week (or should that be lazy?!) Anyhow the formal business was taken care of, onto the trophy presentation:
First Place and very pleased!
On to the Marathon draw, club had two places, first out 'Julie Steele', second out 'Marc Steele'! We were shell shocked to say the least! We are now on the look out for a training plan, I wonder what time Marc will be aiming for. I'm so pleased and proud that he is going to get a chance to do the marathon at such a young age and hope that it will keep his thirst for running alive and perhaps inspire him. And me? Well I'm just hoping I can get to the start line unscathed, again, and perhaps take a few minutes off my 2010 time.

The YVAA Awards Dinner at Elland Road on Saturday evening was just the ticket to celebrate my successes and a really good time was had by all.  I certainly made up for my lack of running with a night of dancing!
ERR partying at the YVAA Awards Dinner