Thursday, 10 October 2013

Grandma on the run!

16 long weeks ago I never envisaged just what lay ahead! That was a lovely Sunday afternoon when that I innocently went for a walk and ended up with more than I bargained for! A torn collateral ligament in my knee.

So, I'm not expressing elation just yet but after several weeks of physio I have been given the green light to start 'light jogging'. Music to my ears I can tell you.  This being the longest stint on the bench I have had, I often wondered if this was the end. I often wondered 'am I ever going to run again'? Am I sounding like an athlete? I certainly didn't feel like one the last few club nights! I'm sure I resembled something out of a comic book, gasping, sweating and doing snails pace into the bargain! I'm determined to take it easy though and ease myself back in. For this I have enlisted the help of my seven year old grandson Charlie.  He had been asking to go to parkrun for some weeks. My promise, 'when I get back to running I'll take you'. I did just that on Saturday 21st September, two laps of Lister Park with him were wonderful, not least because he has expressed an interest in running but also because it gives me something else to take it steady for. I didn't feel like an injured runner returning, more like a grandma running with her grandson and I loved every minute.

The following week we returned and completed all three laps and the week after that too! It's great to be back with team mates who have supported me too by accompanying me on shorter versions of the club runs so I'm well and truly back (but still taking it really steady!).

Charlie 'my middle name's Usain' Steele ready for parkrun