Tuesday, 14 February 2012

When the going gets tough

The going's got tough this last week and it's beginning to show - it always seems that if I drop down my training it has an undesirable effect. Although I've still managed to get out each training session, after proclaiming how Marathontalk's motivation tool had really helped me to get out of the door in the adverse weather conditions last week - I've just found it impossible to keep it up this week which has resulted in my having not done my long run of 10 miles and I've now gone down the league table! I'm not entirely sure just what has been the cause of my maladies but I'm hazarding a guess at it being the bitterly cold conditions we have endured on some of our runs of late. Friday's run up Westfield Lane was particularly a probable cause as I really felt the biting wind. I'm now sporting a face full of cold sores, mouth ulcers, dry itching skin and numerous niggles. At the other end of the scale, Sunday's YVAA first race of the 2012 series turned into a near mud bath in parts due to the milder weather conditions.  Most of the ice and snow had melted and although it was still quite cold it was rather wet and muddy in places.  A rather enjoyable race though.  I played a bit of cat and mouse with Helen from club, she still managed to finish a little ahead of me! A fantastic turn out for Eccleshill meant team spirit a plenty!

Today it's Peter May to the rescue, I hope, at least for the aches and pains and maybe the oil will help the dry skin! Monthly massage day seems to have come around at just the right time again!

I'm desperately in need of a little TLC I think! The choccies are already received from my Valentine and I'll have to drop some hints for some pampering I think. We are all guilty of taking our bodies for granted and then we are surprised when it comes to a head and we begin to suffer for our neglect.  I'm definitely going to try and pay more attention or at least get someone else to!

I'm booking next Wednesday off to attend a lecture at Leeds Uni hosted by the Marathontalk gang of Martin Yelling, Tom Williams and Liz Yelling which is part of the 'Celebrating the Games' lecture series.  Looking forward to that, Marathontalk Live! I just hope they don't have the motivation scores in front of them!

Well at least I'll be able to run the chocolates off tomorrow - oh I do love Valentines Day!

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  1. Ah Julie, it sounds like you need a holiday! Lots of TLC coming your way at the club tonight.... !