Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Sun & Supernun!

Summer Base, Woodhouse Grove
With training in full swing from our Summer base it seems we have, at last, been graced with some Summer weather to go with it.  Does that stop us moaning, no it does not, we think it makes it ok when we follow our cursing sentences about how hot it is with 'we shouldn't moan'!! By jove it has been rather hot for running this last few days - not that it put all of us off, for me at least, it makes it a real pleasure to turn out.  Even for a hilly YVAA grand prix race.  Hosts, Kirkstall struggled to get all the runners registered.  I had struggled to get there, not leaving work until 6pm on the total opposite side of town, we arrived in the car park to find it full from end to end.  After a heated debate with the other half  he dropped me where he thought I needed to be to register and drove off to find somewhere to park.  I soon found I wasn't in the correct place but several phone calls later I found a large throng of people and a very large queue to pay our dues.  I stood in line for quite some time feeling agitated when eventually those all ready registered were ushered inside to the front. The sun, it seemed, had enticed lots more runners out who had made their decision to run so late they couldn't register in advance.

The delay was welcome in more ways than one, firstly it was getting later meaning it cooled slightly, not enough to make the hills any easier but still marginally cooler than it had been earlier in the day, also giving me time to de-stress! The club fielded teams for both the Ladies and Men, and extras too which was great! Finishing times for Team ERR ranged from 39 to 76 minutes, mine though remains a mystery as I was missed off the results all together but I'm somewhere in the middle at a guess.  Even more annoying than the time I was given someone else's slower time than my own and vice versa, for the Horsforth 10k - on this occasion I hadn't even run! I've emailed the host club and they are currently 'looking for me'!! Hope they find me soon I have another YVAA race in Bingley on Tuesday!

Nun on the run!
An 'Olympichero parkrun' at Leeds Hyde Park finished off a busy week - having saved my nun get up from Sophie's hen do back in December I decided 'Supernun' might be an easy enough character to create.  How wrong was I, as per usual I left it until the last minute to get it done, fabric paint would be easy enough to come by and I could paint a Superman 'S' on my black t-shirt, don black shorts, socks and paint Olympic rings of differing colours so as not to infringe that all important copyright on my bib.  Wrong! I couldn't find any fabric paint in any of the places I visited so at midnight on Friday night I finally purchased t-shirt printing paper and some permanent markers would do to draw the Olympic rings.  It didn't turn out quite as I'd imagined but hey at least I entered into the spirit of things which is more than I can say for the majority of people there!

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