Monday, 13 August 2012

Rounder, rounder, all rounders

What a week! Wednesday saw us travelling over to York for the second time in 4 days.  Not so much of a traffic headache this time though as not a fraction of the runners were likely to turn up for the 8th Race in this year's YVAA series! Hosted by Knavesmire Harriers the (mainly) off road route for this race is a flat out and back in and around the racecourse.  The only grumble I have is the last mile and a half or so which is along the riverbank and it seems to last for an age.  I did though, feel like I had put all I had into it and proved that was the case when the results came out next morning I was flabbergasted! My 2011 time 55:11, my 2012 time 48:54.  2013 is going to be very interesting in terms of the races I have managed to better my times in, not necessarily a distance PB but quite a few course PB's and if I get to grips with the Garmin stats to boot it could begin to border on 'geekish', time will tell!!

Dancing daisy!
Thursday this week saw me visiting fellow running buddy Anne's house along with a few other Eccleshill team mates.  'Girlie Gardening' brought us out on a non-run night with the aim of raising funds for Cancer Research.  Being more of an allotment gardener than a 'home' gardener, I'm happy for the shrubs to do their thing in my front garden as long as they flower now and again and in the back, a simple hammock and table and chairs on a raised area of bark surround a neat lawn, flanked by high conifers and privet hedge, it's secluded and private. So, whilst the 'girlie' pink gift sets, wellies and the like were very appealing I considered them more suitable as gifts rather than splashing out on myself (which incidentally I'm not very good at!). I did, however, order a pair of pink gloves - modelled on a golf glove I was told, they looked very fashionable and were ever so comfortable.  I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to take them down the allotment but I may well consider 'wearing them in' by driving in them for a while during the Winter months! They'll match my dancing pink daisy sat on the dashboard : )

Friday club run took us out along the canal, being another warm, humid evening the bugs were out in force once more luckily, no incidences this time.  Homeward bound on the road we were back in ample time to get home for the next exciting round of Olympic action.  The weekend culminated in more Mo & Usain action, oh the excitement boiled over as Mo started at the back in the 5000 metres, working his way up to the front with 700 metres left he joined the Ethiopians and Kenyans, they gave him a run for his money and I can imagine the whole nation was jumping up and down and shouting at the TV like we were! He did us proud!

With our ERR annual rounders match and bbq at Undercliffe Cricket Club and the closing ceremony on Sunday evening, well I could hardly contain myself! The weather was grim all morning but although the forecast was for showers, it promised to brighten up late afternoon.  Everyone arrived clutching their offerings to the buffet come barbie and off out onto the cricket pitch we set to divide ourselves into two (very large) teams. Oh what fun! After a while the heavens opened but we managed to continue until the end of a match and then went inside. The barbequers managed to keep on cooking and everyone was inside and out until finally it stopped.  After consuming our food quite a few of us decided on resuming play.  Much fun was had by all and a fantastic weekend was topped off by the closing ceremony of the Olympics - not quite a match for the opening ceremony but pleasing to watch all the same.
waiting to bat!
The best team won!

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  1. Ooo Julie, you really must learn to treat yourself more - you deserve it!