Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Floral Training

Occasionally life gets in the way of my running and I hate it when it does.  I know 'hate' is a strong word but I was going to say 'despise' and that's worse!  I had a last minute request from a friend to do some flowers for the church for her wedding.  I was reluctant, firstly from a confidence point of view, although I adore flowers and wish daily that I could have more in my life, I don't 'play' regularly enough to build my faith in my own abilities. Also, with a theme of black, silver and purple, I had my work cut out! Bradford parkrun was a race featured in the club's Summer championships.  I really wanted to go and run it knowing that lots of club members would be there so I left it open, saying to friends that I would see how it went as I had a lot on and I wasn't sure whether I would be able to fit it in.  Getting home from Friday club run, shower and tea, I started on the flowers. Retiring to bed after midnight and only the bare minimum of preparation done I knew there was no way I could spare the time to go run the 5k.
Flowers for the altar
I've now missed a few run sessions due to flowers, socialising at the wedding and monthly time trial timing at club but hopefully Wednesday club run will fix that and I'll soon feel back on course.  I know I could have gone for a run on my own but as I document regularly I don't run to run on my own, I'm a social runner and that's how I would like it to stay.  A highlight this week was Dawn returning to run with us at Eccleshill. A steady time trial and a pledge to go a little longer on Wednesday will hopefully see her returning to regular training since her fall over 10 months ago.

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