Monday, 29 July 2013

Good news!

Good news!

I've been increasing my walking, increasing my cycling in the gym, increasing my visits to Peter May and progress is being made!

Yesterday I ran a mile, though not literally! Albeit a very slow mile, I really felt liberated, ok out of breath, very sweaty and not dissimilar to how I usually feel at the end of a race! I'm in no doubt that it's going to be a long road back, but I'm on that road, that's the main thing!

I'm still attending club three nights and either standing and watching and encouraging (translation: longing to join in) or taking Dave for a walk whilst the runners run.

Out for a stroll with Dave & Marc 

Tonight I set off to Pulse Gym to meet session leader Brian and check the runners out and in.  Heavy rain, thunder and lightening threatened I'm sure, to put most people off coming out.  Just as we arrived the sun came out and it stopped raining. Thinking there was still a big risk nobody would turn up since they would have already made the decision not to run I was most surprised to see a half dozen people stood waiting.  A steady trickle meant there was a sizeable group once they set off.  I drove down to where the session was to take place to encourage them up the hill of the pyramid.  It wasn't long though before the heavens opened again, doggedly determined they all carried on regardless.  After the session we all set off back soaking wet but none the less happy, they had all put huge effort in despite the weather. I love being part of a club even when I can't run. I'm sure they all thought I was mad standing out in the rain but I really don't see it like that, I like to think of it as having KIT days!

Excitement is building as the club prepares to mark 25 years of runners achieving goals, making friends and generally doing a brilliant thing!   Everyone is doing their bit to ensure the silver jubilee is celebrated in style throughout August, including a 'bring a friend along' night amongst other fun activities so if you are reading this and don't currently run but have a longing to do so (as I do!) why not get in touch and 'Run because you can'.......

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