Monday, 14 June 2010

BBQ's, Beer, oh and racing!!!

Last Wednesday's Otley 10 mile went very well. I did have some discomfort in the ankle area but once again not enough to stop me running, this is the reason I can't make a decision to rest altogether. I did however, make a decision to have the weekend off and marshalled at Bradford Parkrun and then visited Askwith Show to watch my two Nieces compete in various horsey events, and making a wise decision not to run on Sunday morning having been on my feet all day. So back to the Otley 10 mile, although a very hilly course and run on a very windy and rainy evening I really enjoyed it! The uphills were tough but beleive me the downhills were something else and I was pleased I managed to keep going and run the whole course which started out along Pool Road, over the bridge left to Leathley, up a hill and believe you me at the top of it it felt like you were on top of the world and the wind was howling! We then turned right to Lindley, I thought we may get a glimpse of the reservoir but I didn't spot it, we had a great turnout from ERR and I really love it when there's a few of us waiting around to cheer in all of the runners - it's that team spirit feeling not to be beaten. With a bbq for the spectators and a bottle of beer in the goody bag I highly recommend next year's race - it's firmly in my diary!
Friday's club run saw the start of things to come at Err - we hope to be giving our Members an altogether better experience at club by providing them with the basic requirements we think being part of a club should offer in addition to the social benefits already gained. Following attendances at a leadership in running and fitness course by five people we now hope to put to use the skills we learned. Sophie lead the Friday session and I was impressed with the professional feel she portrayed to the group, it felt as though we were making an effort to safeguard the runners from possible injury, obviously there are no guarantees but I can't help thinking the club has a duty to help and inform it's members and I am proud to be part of that and hope that we can keep our forward thinking and go from strength to strength.
My turn tonight and I've planned my drills (loosely) and am confident I can deliver a good session.......

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