Thursday, 24 June 2010

Unwelcome rest....

My first leadership session went quite well, Co-op pyramid was listed on the Calendar as our session, so I planned my warm up to take place in a park which is on the way to the aforementioned Co-op. I do have a problem with confidence in my ability to come across as advisory rather than bossy! I hope I managed to deliver a good warm up. So gentle jogging, strides etc done off we went for our 9 laps of the supermarket! So, session finished we made our way back to Fitness First for the cool down, however, numbers dwindled steadily throughout the session as people made their way home directly from the Co-op, only 4 us made our way back to Fitness First and as they made a hasty retreat it seemed pointless to to try and encourage them to hang around! Bang goes the cool down!
Wednesday's club run was substituted with the 3rd of this year's Vets races at Pudsey. A very warm evening saw us having to make a 15 minute trek up to a farm track for the start. It was a stark contrast to last year's race which saw us nearly swimming round the course! However, the heat took it's toll on me and I'm sure lots of others and I struggled to get up the hills, my Achilles suffered too as I was in great pain going up and could feel the relief as I reached level ground again. Fortunately I didn't do any lasting damage and got round the (nearly) 6 mile course in 54:15.
I am now into the final day of my week of rest (Thursday). It hasn't been a pleasant experience, forced rest is not supposed to be pleasant but a very necessary evil. Icing, Ibuprofen and gentle stretching have been the order of the week and it feels much more comfortable. I have kept in touch with club members by going and doing the register as usual each session and I also went to support at the 4th Vets race on Tuesday. My plan is to attend club tomorrow evening as it's Janice's 'last Friday of the month' coached session so that will enable me to take it easy rather than setting out on a run and finding I can't continue. Fingers crossed : )

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