Monday, 27 September 2010

Back on track...

Some months ago Airedale Athletics announced plans to provide taster sessions of various strands of running. Six week enhanced training courses would provide anything from fitness testing to speed work for endurance runners and all sorts in between. After consideration of what was on offer I decided to enrol for a Thursday evening course at Horsfall Track. Without further adieu here we are and the courses are about to start.

At the beginning of this week I contacted Jill Jones the Airedale Athletics administrator for the upcoming training courses and advised her that I would not be able to join the course I had applied for due to being injured. I requested that I be allowed to observe the sessions in the hope of picking up tips to pass on to our own members on training nights and maybe help out where I could, that really is how far ahead I was thinking that I would not be able to run - sometimes I entertained the thought that I may not run again. However, following my visit to the physio on Wednesday Ove's advice was to run. I came out of the clinic wondering if I had the courage to go for a run the following morning. I didn't.
I decided to turn up for the training course, Lycra at the ready and see how I went on! After a very inspiring talk by Brian Scobie, our coach, we went out onto the track to warm up. I managed to run several laps of the track and the warm up drills and we began some interval training. After which, I began to feel mild pain and so decided not to 'push my luck' and took a seat in the grandstand with Claire and Mick Brearley to watch the rest of the session. Result!
I went home and iced the area and next morning felt no ill effects.

I carried out my usual marshaling duties at Bradford parkrun on Saturday followed by football training for Marc.
I turn up early each week to collect Marc and walk Dave around the park so this week I decided to have a jog around with him. I must say he did very well and apart from trying to chase the odd leaf blown by the wind and showing great interest in the squirrels scurrying around, it would appear he's a natural runner!
I intend to take it one step at a time and try not to rush things, and I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that Dave and I will have a long and happy running relationship!
Whilst marshaling at Parkrun this week I was once again unsure of when it was time to leave my post. I'm sure lots of people have been in the same situation themselves when marshaling. I find it totally unacceptable that there are still runners out on the course and the organisers start packing up and marshals leave their posts. I am aware though that as in this case it's sometimes unintentional as it was on Saturday. We were packing up, collecting the cones which mark out the finish funnel when in came a lady. I was certain the last person had passed me. I have been thinking for some time that there is a real need for a sweeper. Recalling my delightful sweeping antics at the Wrose 5k a few weeks ago I started to think about how we could resolve this situation.
So....I have emailed Linda (Parkrun race director) and put a suggestion to her, watch this space!

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