Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Shoes and Stockings!

Following an indoor coached session at Pulse Gym on Friday we've had a near normal week back at club this week so far and fingers crossed that will continue. I am still in awe of how fast the ice managed to beat a quick retreat in just a few short hours. I went to work on Friday morning slipping and sliding all over the place and came home to completely clear paths. I work in Queensbury and for anyone who doesn't know it's another world at the highest point in Bradford so no reflection of what it's like on the other side of town where I live! I have managed both club sessions quite well including our Monday speed and hills session and then an undulating 6 mile run tonight. Club numbers were very low but it is very near to the festive season now.

However, the training so far has given me an opportunity to test drive the new shoes I finally was able to go and purchase last Friday. I didn't get to 'Up and Running' as I had fully intended (a) due to the weather and then ultimately (b) due to lack of time. I ended up slipping out of work to go shopping and could only justify going to Sportsshoes, Bradford, not Leeds.
Here is the result:

Mizuno Lady Wave

As discussed with Peter I have decided to go back to the make of shoe I had quite some time ago. The assistant in the shop was not convinced that I needed new shoes at all and was very reluctant to encourage me to buy them. She talked to me at length, had me running on the treadmill and up and down the aisles of the shop in both Nike and Mizuno shoes. She also asked a senior sales person to talk to me too. He was very informative, as are all the professionals I have discussed my plight with. He did stress though that 'not everyone sings from the same hymn sheet'! Which I guess is why I feel quite frustrated that one person says one thing while another says something totally the opposite in their advice, I think this is why I feel that I have lost my mojo a little and am just trying to get by but my heart really isn't in it at all.

One thing the senior chap at Sportshoes said was that compression would help, and so in accordance with Peter's advice to ditch my beloved Thorlos socks and get thinner ones I have coupled this with compression too so I'm now running round like someone in those very unflattering hospital tights! Lucky I need long running tights at this time of year!

Black and White

My New Year's resolution? I'm thinking about it but one thing is for certain, I definitely need one......

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