Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Lights.....oh what a plight!

This blog comes a little late and it really does seem as though it's months since I last ran. Continuing the downward spiral in my training, the snow and ice threatened to put a stop to our annual Christmas lights and indeed last club run before the festive season commenced. I managed to persuade a few hardy souls that if we were to set off and find ourselves unable to run we could run/walk to Idle and miss out the planned visit around Wrose and Swaine House to keep it short. Those not wanting to run at all could stay behind and put the kettle on! Before we set off people began offering donations for me to put in the collection box for Marie Curie cancer care which sits in the porch of the very well lit house who's owner has sadly lost his father to the cruel disease.

So a hardy 5 of us set off, I donned my holly 'bell' earrings, and actually it was not bad at all under foot. Myself, Shirley and Laura all expressed how liberating it felt to be out, we really enjoyed it. The lights, as in previous years, were spectacular and the fundraising efforts made it all the more awe inspiring. It really is a sight to behold. Nikos took some photos before we set off back to enjoy a hot drink and a mince pie with our club mates.

Bye all and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So that was it, work, work, work was all that was left until Christmas. I was rather excited that my family had agreed we would all do the Christmas Day parkrun. We arrived in Lister Park bright and early after opening our presents, I tried to complete a warm up round the park with Dave, by heck it was freezing. We went down to the bandstand meet up area to hear a chap saying it was -13. Believe you me it felt it too! Martin insisted that he would 'sweep' with Dave and I was to run it for a change. Off we went to the start. By this time my fingers and toes were freezing. Gill, Laura and I stuck together, it was absolutely lovely, the sun was shining making the snow glisten. I couldn't believe how many people had turned up to take part! First lap completed, my fingers started to warm up and I felt the familiar pain associated with the thaw! We started up the teeny tiny hill for the second time, as we did so I began to feel dizzy, I then felt like I was seriously going to pass out, I stopped and beckoned Gill and Laura to tell them I wasn't feeling very well and to keep going, they stayed with me until we reached the top and round the corner met Ian and Marc, they then both agreed to carry on. I began to feel slightly better but not enough to get going again.

I was puzzled as to the cause of my malady but could only think it was something to do with the pain in my hands. All became clear as the day went on and I began to realise I had chest problems, was it flu, a cold? I had no idea but what I did know was that there was no way I was going to be able to do the Chevin Chase I had planned on Boxing Day. I text Gill and warned her I probably wouldn't be going.

Over the next few days I went from bad to worse as the illness got a grip, I definitely had picked up some bug or other.
My running is still on the back burner as I struggle to breathe without coughing let alone run and wait for the symptoms to subside.....

and wait.....

.....and wait

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