Sunday, 10 April 2011

Time for tea!

It feels like only yesterday that I finished the bulk of my training and was looking forward to the Virgin London Marathon in only a short weeks time. This year I feel exactly the same except I'm in a totally different position in that I still feel the excitement and trepidation but it's on behalf of someone else, or four someone else's in the plural form!

This morning 10 of us met at Rawdon Meadows for the last significant run, 45 minutes out and 45 minutes back along the canal towards Rodley in the brilliant sunshine for the four 'marathoners' Sophie, Gill, Dawn and Karen just a week away from achieving the goal they set themselves during the latter part of last year. Karen now feels like 'one of us' since she's been training with Dawn and Sophie and I hope she will continue to hook up with us when this is all over. Following an excellent run, if a little faster than I had anticipated, a large group of us then strolled a little further along the canal to Toby's Tea Rooms to put an end to what I know has been a long few months of training for them all, leaving them with the bare minimum left to do in the week ahead. I also hope that for all of them it will have all been worthwhile, I'm sure it will and I'm really pleased that I'm going to be there on the day to share in their jubilation and to see out their journey to the end. It's impossible to imagine exactly how they'll feel when they cross that finish line but I have a very good idea!

The tea and cakes at Toby's were exquisite!

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