Monday, 10 October 2011

Flying by....literally!

It seems as the years progress the months, weeks, days, hours and seconds follow suit. A week passes at the blink of an eye. Just days away from my next half marathon and I must admit I'm feeling good! I'm really in a good place mentally and feeling that I can give it a 'good go' (overuse of the word good, I know). Though still not 100% fit in the leg department I (and Pete May) don't feel there's anything detrimental to worry about so I'm happy to carry on with my monthly massage, icing and compression regime which really does seem to be keeping things in check. I've now got into such a routine that it's part of my everyday life, for the foreseeable future anyway. It works for me and whilst it continues to do so I'll stick with it. The alternatives don't appeal anyway!

Eager to keep putting the miles in the bank I was going to run with Helen and Janice on Sunday. Tales of their exploits in and around Baildon Moors the previous week left me feeling that perhaps I should think twice as they were planning to run the same route of about 13 miles again. A little apprehensive I told myself it would be ok and if all else failed I would rack up and see how I got on. Praise the Lord, fellow club member, Alison texted me on Saturday evening to enquire if I knew if anyone was running on Sunday morning. Explaining the options we decided on getting a lift to Keighley with the footballers (as they were going to Silsden for a game) and having a steady run back to Apperley Bridge via the canal.

Picking Alison up for the journey a phone call informed us that the football match was cancelled but luckily Martin said he didn't mind running us through to Keighley anyway. Dropping us at a convenient place where we could get onto the canal we set off, no navigational skills required - a straight route all the way back, it was drizzling but it wasn't long before we had to remove our rain jackets and tie them around our waists due to the humid heat. A little way into the run, whilst chatting, a fly swooped to the back of my throat, I spluttered, took a swig from my water bottle and it seemed it had completed it's journey downwards! Seconds later I coughed again, the blighter was trying to escape! *cough*, *cough, cough* and so it continued. Eventually I had to give in and stop running, unable to breathe and coughing uncontrollably, the offending insect appeared in my hand, it's mission accomplished, although it was dead. Now there's a first, it's usually 'what goes up, must come down' not 'what goes down, must come up!!' A flighty heron flew up from the canal bank, a sight to behold, I love the tranquility a run on the canal brings, the ducks and swans gliding by, although I have heard others describe it as 'boring', I don't agree.

Monday evening and our weekly speed and hills session, short interval, was very well attended. A short warm up then jog down King's Road, dynamic stretching and jog a little further down to Canal Road to start and run 12 1/2 minutes out, turn round and run 12 1/2 minutes back. The idea being that the faster runners get furthest but we all arrive back at the start point at around the same time. I was elated to find that I was only 11 seconds outside the total time it should have taken me to run out and back! Everyone worked really hard despite rain blowing in our faces on the outward journey, by and large all arriving back within a few seconds of each other.

Days away from the Bridlington half marathon and I'm looking forward to completing this week's training to take me to the start line.

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