Saturday, 21 January 2012

All in order...

I'm writing a short blog this morning in an attempt to get my thinking in order. I hope.  It's been another busy week what with this session, that session and a new yoga class thrown in for good measure!  I have to admit to feeling a little under the weather today, so my plan is to chill and destress.  Starting this morning with a long hot bath and self pamper session. I won't go into details! 'Thank God' I hear you cry?

Well this brings me to here and now.  Reflecting on the week.  I have been searching for a while for some form of cross training and I'm really pleased I joined a yoga class on Thursday evening and I plan to keep going until I either, get the gist of it or figure it's really not for me.  The good thing is, unlike my first Zumba class, I do want to go again.  I also plan to go back to my Wii fit yoga for an extra session each week too, I'm sure the 'real thing' will  aid me in this.  Funny how some people's reaction to the Wii fit yoga is 'oh it'll be nothing like it' - it really is, I was surprised that apart from the teacher being 'virtual' (an advantage here is I can choose a female or a hunky male!) the poses are very much correct, the teaching of the class is what's not, having to choose each pose with the cursor, I can skip the poses I don't feel I'm very good at, therefore, never will be!

I'm hoping it was a one off but the morning after yoga - and coincidentally completing a health questionnaire before the class, stating that I suffer with migraine, as I have since my teens although attacks are few and far between these days, yes you guessed it, I suffered a migraine, quite mild but I'm still feeling the effects today.  Anyhow the good news is that Fen (yoga teacher) has assured me that although the first yoga class often brings out a few things in clients it's often the breath (as we often don't breathe properly on a day to day basis) that causes it rather than the physical side of things, and it shouldn't last. Here's hoping.

So last night I received a text from club mate Mick asking if I would like to run with fellow club mate Lyndon tomorrow at the Brass Monkey.  He said although I was looking for a PB, Lyndon wasn't going for a time (he's returning from injury), so decisions, decisions.  Once more I sit on the fence, part of me thinks I should not put myself through the stress beforehand, I'm slightly worried for some reason, I'm of the mind that this may well affect my sleep tonight, and as I'm already feeling fatigued won't help my race.  On the other hand I could be missing out on an opportunity to be paced round and at the end of the day if I find I can't keep up then Lyndon can go and do his own thing is that's what he wants, so long as we agree that beforehand then what's to lose? I think I might have talked myself into that one!

Now as I write the house doors are rattling and I can hear the wind howling down the chimney, let's hope that dies down before tomorrow.  I think I need to go lie down now.........

Mine Hosts!

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