Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mud glorious mud!

The football match on Sunday totally turned into a fun affair, the weather was absolutely glorious and just put the icing on the cake.  For the last few years that we've joined in the fun with Marc's football team we've had pouring rain, someone was looking down on our last encounter and was kind to us! Although for the first time I was on the losing team for the ladies match I did manage to score 8 goals - still ran round like a headless chicken but hey, it was such fun! The Dad's didn't fair any better than in previous years losing 3 - 1 to their much younger rivals, keeping up the tradition of' talking the talk' but not 'walking the walk'!

Having being kicked in the shin by the opposing goal keeper and suffering the worst case of DOMS I went to club on Monday with low expectations.  Peel Park fartleks was on the agenda but I knew I wouldn't be playing with much speed! After the jog down to the park I managed four laps of the park and the jog back to Pulse Gym which was above and beyond all my expectations and I actually felt much better and had less aches and pains afterwards. Woe is me and the pain in my quads was back with a vengeance on Tuesday morning.  The next scheduled race in the YVAA series that evening at Pudsey didn't seem appealing at all. After all Pudsey = hills everyone knows that! The previous days of rain left the course resembling a mud wrestling venue, I probably would have fared better at that activity! However, I actually enjoyed the race, managed to stay on my feet and come in first of our ladies and I'm still puzzling how you can go into a run aching like mad and not feel a thing when you actually run? Answers on a postcard please.

Otley 10 mile race entry tonight seems like a suicidal decision.........

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