Monday, 25 June 2012

Torch excitement

The inclement weather got in the way of our run on Friday as gusts of wind blew the heavy rain down hard.  An off road route was on the cards but I knew even if anyone other than me was daft enough to turn up we wouldn't be able to follow it.  Helen - our leader for the evening - was already down at Rawdon Meadows when I arrived.  Having just returned from the hot climes of Cyprus I felt for her - at least we haven't had much different weather since she had been away.  One other hardy soul turned up but by this time Helen and I had agreed if no one else turned up we would be going back home.  As Mark insisted he was going to run, saying he had 'bypassed the sofa' to get himself out and been changed and ready since 5pm he was going to run at all costs! Not surprisingly no one else did turn up so we bade Mark farewell and went back home.

The nearest I got to a torchbearer!

City Park      

I can't let the subject of the Olympic torch relay pass me by without a mention.  I have to say I got rather excited about the prospect of seeing the torch being brought into Bradford yesterday and I don't mind admitting I've fantasised what it must be like to be given the opportunity to carry it.  Arriving down in Centenary Square where we had ascertained would be the best place to go - lots going on and all that, not - it was absolutely overflowing with people, not a chance of getting near any of the barriers to see anything. I did manage to stand on the far edge of the newly installed 'City Park' which was about four or five people deep all the way round, and see the first torchbearer run down by the side of City Hall and around the edge of City Park and perform the 'kiss', the lighting of one torch with the other for the swap over (alas the torches were all I could see), even though my view was extremely limited it was still a very proud moment and one I can say 'I was there' to my grandchildren - the two eldest of which I offered to take with us but they refused - I'm sure they'll understand  better when they are older.

The week ahead promises to be another busy one.  Kicking off with those pesky blood tests, I hope they don't test for alcohol as I consumed my fair share watching England crash out of Euro 2012. Fitness First pyramid is the club's speed and hills session for tonight which should stand us in good stead for the next YVAA race at Meanwood tomorrow, another hilly one I'm told.  Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us for the next few days and allow us to carry out our training and racing a little drier at least!

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  1. Wasn't it wonderful to see the torch? And the weather stayed fine for us too!