Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Well that's the Christmas and New Year celebrations out of the way! I really don't think I've let my work and social life get in the way quite so much as I have over the last month or so.  Happily I seem to be back on track. Oh wait.....I have another 18th Birthday party tomorrow.....Hopefully then I will stay on track.

Dazzled on our ERR Christmas lights run 21/12/12

I have though, run twice this week already, clocking up almost 17 very wet and windy miles with the lovely Dawn for company.  Despite missing tomorrow I will achieve my three runs this week as I am planning to race the Muddy Fools 2 at Golden Acre Park on Sunday.  Sounds like a bit of fun.  Apparently only those who have taken part in one or both of the recent Peco XC races can take part in the Muddy Fools 2 race since we are to be handicapped based on our time for the XC. Thus, there are to be teams A through to J and we are to be placed into said teams which will determine our set off position, therefore, allowing a head start for us 'slower' runners. Should be interesting. Golden Acre Park is not one of my favourite places to run, I don't mind a training run around there but races always seem to be much tougher, maybe it's a state of mind but alas I will be giving it a go for the sake of the Eccleshill team spirit!

I'm guessing our visit will be a little more muddy!
Marathon training is now on the agenda for Marc and myself, I am currently studying training plans to find one I think we can realistically stick to - no point whatsoever in having my head in the clouds and trying to follow something which may turn out to be impossible, so I'm not rushing into anything just yet with 16 weeks last Sunday to go before London I figure we've got time to tap into something in the next week or so, being regular runners we aren't complete beginners and I for one know what is expected of me. Marc on the other hand, may be in for a shock!

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