Monday, 21 January 2013

New Shoes, in the news, racing blues.......

My new marathon training partner arrived in style and in double quick time! I was astonished when I logged onto my Fetcheveryone account to add my shiny new and very pink Nike Air Pegasus 29's to my kit list, I had logged well over 800 miles in my 28's - no wonder it felt like I was running barefoot on the pavements! With 13 weeks to go I'm sure they will serve me well!

Fame at last! I featured in a headline in our local paper the Telegraph & Argus' Running Log which ran a report on the Muddy Fools 2 race at Golden Acre Park, it caused quite a stir amongst family and friends as people scrambled to let me know that I was in the paper!

Mother nature has tried her utmost to scupper training and my Jantastic targets of late but I'm pleased to say that although she nearly succeeded I have managed to keep on track one way or another! Beginning with last Monday - ok, so we were unable to carry out our speed and hills session but a hardy few of us did manage to brave the icy conditions and carry out a short recovery run which was adequate since the Peco XC at Bramley Fall Park had been a rather tough affair the day before. Wednesday was a different story however. More snow had fallen. We set off from club intending to do 6 miles in light of the fact that a lot of us had the half marathon at the weekend.  Two miles into the run and I couldn't get my hands warm, we stopped to regroup and my head spun, I felt as though I was going to faint, be sick or both. I sat on a low wall and put my head down. Starting to feel better I stood up, the same happened again so I sat down again.  I asked the group to go on without me. Marc stayed behind and before long suggested we ring home for a lift.  Getting home I felt much better but worn out and deflated.  Was it a recurrence of my low iron levels of some 7 months ago - a visit to the docs for me! I kind of hope that it is iron so at least I can correct it, we'll see. Friday she nearly thwarted me again but I still got my run in on the treadmill. I was quite pleased that I managed 4.5 miles.

The Brass Monkey had been in doubt all week but understandably Knavesmire Harriers didn't want to make a decision too early and get it wrong.  It was no surprise then on Saturday afternoon when the news we were all dreading came, the race was cancelled. I consoled myself with a lovely home cooked meal,dreadful Saturday night television and the promise of a Sunday roast next day, something we don't often get to do since races or other activities get in the way.

10pm I noticed I had a text message on my phone.  It was from club mate Dawn, did I plan to run Sunday? No I hadn't not at all, I took full advantage of the race cancellation to do nothing and have a lazy Sunday, or so I thought.  I immediately got back into training mode and weighed up all the benefits of replacing the cancelled race with a run.  Instructions with the boys on when to put the roast in the oven and 10.5 miles later it was done to a turn! I know I felt so much better lazing on the sofa for the afternoon than I would have done had I not run! It also completed my 4 runs for my Jantastic target too! Result!

 Friday's run on the mechanical excuse for a road has made me determined to run outside this evening - time will tell - the holly berries on the tree in my garden are still visible, just!

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