Monday, 17 June 2013

Running is my sunshine!

I have just read a lovely and indeed very apt quote "Running is my sunshine" (Joan Twine). This quite literally sums up how I feel about my running. Alas I have a dark cloud hanging over me at the moment.  I've tried to be sensible and keep to low mileage, resting for more days than running and hitting the gym a couple of times a week just to stave off the pounds.  That's weight not money!

The crunch came when I had to give away my Otley 10 mile race number.  One of the tougher but really enjoyable races I had looked forward to as part of my series of races entered to help regain my focus after London Marathon. Enforced cheering is not nearly as much fun as the voluntary variety.  Where will it end? I don't know the answer. I do know that I need to work at getting tip top quite soon if I am to fulfil my innermost desire to run the Great North Run in under two hours which has been an idle thought for quite some time. Where to begin?

I know the sensible option for some would be to visit a physio but after my past experience I'm loathe to do so and for the time being place my trust in the formidable Peter May. He's confident I'm on the road to recovery so we will see.  Next visit already planned, let battle commence!

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