Friday, 31 May 2013

Stock taking......

Due to the Spring Bank Holiday I've only managed to visit the gym once since my programme was put together for me.  I am under no illusion that I am going to have to work very hard to fit it in at all but none the less I remain confident that I will do just that at least twice a week. I still have the swimming to master but again - time permitting I am going to try and get there a couple of times a week.

I'm already feeling the benefit mentally because I have made the decision to join and also mastered the basics during the times I have been there. Never having stepped inside a gym to train before I am surprised at my attitude to it so far. I'm also confident it will have it's benefits since I have visited after tough sessions and definitely felt it eased my DOMS. following a hard sprinting session and subsequently, the YVAA race at Bingley which was tough for several reasons. Not least the hills but also the rough terrain over which it was set, fields with cow hoof holes to twist the ankles, a very long path through fields resembling the yellow brick road but in concrete slabs, moorland up on the top of Shipley Glen all interspersed with woodland tracks, paths and snickets (ginnels if you rather). Alas these things are sent to try us!

Love this action shot courtesy of Linda Bussey
YVAA Bingley Tuesday 28th May
I now think I pushed my luck on Wednesday having had a tough race on Tuesday.  Club training session stated that there was an 'element of a time trial' in the route, one route, which is unusual for a Wednesday.  However, we split into groups and went along with suggestions of treating it as just that, a time trial, loosely translated as not meeting at strategic points as we would usually but staying as groups.  For some unknown reason I set off we a group containing runners I knew to be much faster than me. We set off on the uphill route, I gave it my all and after the 6 mile jaunt I felt similar to how I often feel post race, satisfied I've worked hard even if I don't get the result I want.  My thoughts immediately turned to the fact that I can't seem to go under an hour for 10k. Distant memories of last year's personal bests constantly invade my thoughts. Brain training to give ourselves a break anyone?

Arriving home I take stock. My left leg has been troubling me on and off for some weeks. Same old same old. Run, it feels better, stop, it give me pain.  Things - as they do - came to a head.  I made my regular visit to Peter May and explained how my leg had been troubling me.  He did a lot of work on it and advised me to rest for a couple of days and then try it out which is what I intend to do. Fingers crossed  his healing hands will have done the trick!

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