Sunday, 16 May 2010

Just because I want to.......

For the first time a quite a few months I met some other runners from the club on a lovely sunny Sunday morning and went for a run - just because I wanted to! That was a great feeling after months of being fearful that if anything went wrong on marathon day it might be down to lack of training. Thankfully I didn't think that - in fact quite the opposite, I knew if anything did go wrong it would be due to some other factor. This had still placed considerable pressure on training regimes from December last year. So today it was a great feeling to be able to leave Woodhouse Grove and head for Guiseley with a spring in my step.

Some of the runners set off in a different direction for a longer run, we girls set off for a 8 or so mile run. I knew just how Jo and Lisa felt, this was their final 90 minute run before Edinburgh the following week. Just under an hour and a half later we arrived back to the car park having leisurely chatted our way round the route we had done so many times over the last few months, so the penultimate group are about to embark on their marathon. All that remained was to wish them 'Good Luck' and wait to see them on their triumphant return.

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