Monday, 24 May 2010

Thank God!

Training continues to go well. I have now completed all three John Carr 5k races in the 2010 series. These are really pleasant races to do aside of the fact that they are fast 5k's! There's a certain camaraderie about them, everyone is trying to beat their time each week, there's close to 400 people running and always a good turnout from Eccleshill Road Runners from the youngest, a 14 year old to the eldest, a 75 year old. In addition my two boys Tom and Marc usually compete too. Marc this year managed to get his time down to 20 minutes 29 seconds in race 2 but as was the case for most of us didn't better it in race 3, great times for a 15 year old though.

Emails were flying round last week as those of us who have done our marathons try to keep focused by entering more races. Sophie has encouraged us to enter one or two races which include the Harewood Chase 10k, Otley 10 mile, Hull Half Marathon and the Woodland Challenge. Coupled with the up and coming Vets races and the Washburn Valley Relay that should keep us going for a while!

Meanwhile I think God was looking down on me as I changed my entry from the Edinburgh Marathon to London, I haven't got the full story from the runners yet but if the temperature in Bradford was anything to go by it will have been horrendous conditions for running yesterday and I'm so glad I wasn't on the start line.

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