Friday, 2 July 2010

Back to it.......

The second of our monthly coached sessions last Friday was extremely enjoyable! I highly recommend it - not only is it a fantastic form of cross training it really does give you an alternative workout! Kick started with a warm up from Sophie we were treated to a myriad of circuits in the form of ladders, hurdles, skipping and also relays and even a pelaton around a circle of cones, finishing off with a game of rounders! I was pleased I had made the decision to take part in this session after my week of forced rest due to a painful Achilles tendon, I figured if I were to set off on a run and then find I couldn't complete it I would be in trouble. However, the session provided me with the opportunity to work as little or as much as I wanted, yet another advantage of our 'field based' structured sessions. Fortunately once warmed up I found I eased back into training without too much discomfort.
It is by no means totally eradicated but is feeling much better and my next step is to try a recommendation from a fellow runner - charity runner Stephen Auker recently wrote his blog around the subject of ice baths versus ibuprofen to manage pain. I have been thinking that may benefit me as I'm suffering with a painful knee in addition to the ankle area. Stephen's conclusion was, following medical advice that the NSAID Advil gels far outweighed the benefits of ice baths and also his doctor dismissed any ideas of Ibuprofen causing stomach problems. I too am going to consult my doctor with a view to trying Advil.

Monday's speed and hill's session had a good turn out of members and we made our way down to King's Road for hill reps. I am one to champion our speed and hills sessions because I know how much my running improved when I decided to attend these sessions in addition to the Friday sessions I was already attending. Anyway much to my dismay I felt I had to hold back and take it really easy as the advice for Achilles injuries is to cut back on your training and avoid hills, in addition you're advised to look at your footwear which is another thing I aim to do in the next few weeks - my birthday is looming and of course birthdays = pressies! I had planned on requesting gift vouchers to pay for massages but I feel I have to prioritise and so new shoes it will have to be.........

Wednesday - another glorious Summer's evening - saw another good turn out and so we were able to split into two groups - the faster ones left us in their dust as we strived to get up the hilly climb to Guiseley in the heat, once on the flat though we all got into our rhythms and had an enjoyable 8 mile outing taking us through Guiseley and down to Baildon then onto the canal for a traffic free amble back to Apperley Bridge, a couple of the ladies chose to take the same route as the faster group and work their way back through Shipley along the traffic laden Leeds Road - and a couple of miles longer into the bargain. I was glad of the slightly shorter, scenic route and as yet my longer jaunt has had no ill effects.

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