Monday, 3 January 2011

Time Trials and Talking Marathons

It was lovely to meet up with the club members who turned up for tonight's monthly time trial. Feels like an age since I was at club, Christmas just turns everything upside down!

Still unable to shake of my chesty cough I just about managed to take the warm up session and was very out of breath, it was fortunate then that I was only going to do the timing anyway because I wouldn't have been able to run. I'm going to try get an appointment at the Doctor's tomorrow and get checked out, having put paid to my Christmas and (nearly my ) New Year I figure this has dragged on a little too long now and needs to scarper!

It was my intention to try and have a short run this Wednesday even though the advice is 'neck and above - it's ok to run', 'below the neck - don't run', I've somehow managed to convince myself that if I had maybe done a little running it might actually have helped my chest - I don't know if that's true but I've now had a better offer of an invite to go and listen to Tom Williams of Marathon Talk fame which promises to:

"Get your training off to a flying start with a free Marathon Evening hosted by Tom Williams of Marathon Talk, in conjunction with the University of Leeds and local run club Hyde Park Harriers."

Yes I know, I know, I'm not doing a marathon this year, I do however, think that there is a lot of valuable information to be gleaned from attending such an evening in regard to amongst other things, injury prevention and management and nutrition and anyway my experience of listening to Tom Williams on the couple of occasions I have been fortunate enough to meet him, is that he is absolutely mesmerising and I could listen to him talking for eternity. He is one of those people who just has the ability to capture your attention and keep it, I suppose it helps that I am interested in what he has to say!

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  1. I discovered your blog!!! You write really well

    I believe that running does help to take the cold away and clear the chest. But now you have to wait until next year to try it, no more colds for Julie!