Thursday, 3 February 2011

If at first you don't succeed....

Just when I thought things in the training stakes couldn't get much better after feeling 'on top of the world' on Sunday I found myself uttering the 'yes' word yet again!

Once weekly on a Monday we incorporate a speed and hills session into our training. This can take many forms, an interval session, a fartlek session, hill repeats, a pyramid session to name but a few.
Last Monday I managed to keep a lid on things by toning down our planned pyramid session, intended to be completed with gusto to improve ones fitness. Gently jogging around the course provided me with a recovery run from Sunday's muddy encounter at the Peco cross country. Whilst most other club members were tearing round as if their lives depended upon it, Dawn and I must have looked like we didn't have a rush in us! Dawn who is following a marathon training plan was supposed to complete a 45 minute 'easy' run and although slightly longer, she managed to do just that!

So to Wednesday's club run, 10.5 miles including the infamous Carr Lane said the Calendar on the club website. To date I had not managed to negotiate said hill without stopping. Each time I have attempted it this thought had been at the forefront of my mind. I have discussed this fact with various persons who have managed to achieve such a feat. The reason, I concluded was partly mental. Tell yourself you can't do something and you are most certainly set to fail before you've even begun, people experience this in all aspects of life not just running, we can't be positive thinkers all of the time, if only! Since we had a fair few miles to cover before we actually had to run up the 1 in 6 gradient we discussed tactics to get us up it, including running in front of a car in order to avoid our fate and positive thinking!

As we ran we tried to offer positive encouragement to each other and to my amazement on reaching the bottom I felt quite confident that I could get up there in one. Previous attempts have seen me get to the second bus stop (there are four in all). As I approached the second bus stop I began visualising getting to the top, punching the air and writing my blog! To those who have run up the 'hill from hell' several times before I probably sound like I am making a 'mountain out of a mole hill' but believe you me this hill is like a mountain to me. A goal previously unobtainable.

As I neared the third bus stop I could see Dawn in front of me and John in front of Dawn - I kept my momentum, the fourth bus stop came into view, I was now at the steepest point, again I was visualising the moment I reached the top. Before I knew it I was there! A fifth bus stop is situated quite a way on from reaching the top, I kept going and upon drawing level with it I punched the air - 'Yes'! I had done it, turning around Alison was just coming to the top, we all shouted encouragement to keep her going, all four of us had conquered it, and to me at least, it felt like Everest.

If at first you don't succeed, try,try,try again..............

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