Monday, 30 April 2012

One of those weeks.....

Londone! for another year.  Normal life resumed.  Well almost. After a week of up and down weather as well as moods, Wednesday brought me a migraine, and purely since I had been looking forward to our change of base for Summer training, I waited to see how I was until late afternoon when I then decided running wouldn't be a good idea so contacted key leaders to say I wouldn't make it.  I later found out that the leaders didn't make it either and the session didn't go ahead anyway, the club was brought to a standstill due to traffic having ground to a halt in the surrounding areas.  Four brave souls had made it in the pouring rain and three decided to 'make an executive decision' and go home! No prizes for guessing that Mick was the one who carried on regardless and did a wet and soggy run to Saltaire and back!

By Friday evening, thankfully the rain had died down, normal club session resumed and we had a pleasant first run from Apperley Bridge which took us on a familiar 'hospital route' run, finishing on the canal, puddle dodging was, for now, a pleasure!

Saturday was a day I had been looking forward to for a few weeks.  My sister-in-law, Tricia's 50th parkrun.  Wanting to stay loyal to Bradford parkrun she refused to even contemplate a London parkrun whilst we were down there.  Originally I was going to ask her if she wanted me to attempt to pace her round for a pb at Bradford but was then asked by my son if I would look after my two young grandsons so I decided I would make it fun for the children and take helium balloons and flags for them to wave in celebration of what undoubtedly is no mean feat!  I duly purchased helium balloons and craft items and set about marking each one back and front with congratulations messages and number 50's.  England flags were fashioned into 50th parkrun flags and loading up the car we set off.  Parked the car in the car park and set off down to the start area.  With that I spotted Tricia walking towards me.  I could immediately see she was wearing jeans. "don't tell me you're not running" was my immediate statement.  I could see she felt uncomfortable and awkward as she began to explain how her back had starting hurting at work the previous day and she'd taken painkillers regularly and before retiring to bed the previous evening she was still under the impression that she would be ok to run. I then felt just as uncomfortable as she did! Fortunately there was another lady completing her 50th run so we got the balloons out anyway and tied them to the pushchair, I also gave her son one to cheer on his mum!

A pleasant day was had by all culminating in going down to the city centre to watch veteran club member Arthur James abseil down a tall building in aid of Marie Curie and I'm now looking forward to running round with Tricia this coming Saturday - which falls just nice as a few club members suggested we run for a curry at a new local Indian restaurant on Friday evening so Saturday's run will make up for missing Friday's! Job done!  Before that though I have the first of this year's John Carr 5k series on Wednesday evening. I'm going to give it my best shot in the hope of keeping up a tradition of beating the year before's times with each successive race, 26:29 is this year's starting point so really I think it's quite a big ask considering the week I've had but we'll see.......

Today the ballot for the 2013 London Marathon opened and promptly closed less than 24 hours later, the entry limit having been reached.  A long haul now until October when the results are published and we find out if we need to have a training plan in place!

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