Monday, 16 April 2012

Spot the difference!

The snow went as fast as it came! In actual fact there was probably no need to cancel the club run a week last Wednesday. We're back on track now and I filled the running gap with a parkrun, just to reassure myself that I could still run ahead of my race the next day but it also gave me a chance to get out last year's bunny ears and tail to add a bit of fun to my run, and guess what? I was first bunny to hop over the finishing line!  Ok, ok I was the only one! It was however, a good move since it's motivated me to think about getting back to the park on a Saturday morning on a regular basis, I've now purchased high vis running jackets for both dogs, just need to talk someone into being 'tail' runner with me so we can have a whippet each!  What it didn't do however, is motivate me for the Guiseley Gallop, score settled, it certainly wasn't any easier but this time I came out of it with my ankles intact but still not feeling that I am able to give 100% to races, I'm lacking something but not sure what. I chose to wear my road shoes rather than off road despite seeing conversations on Facebook to the contrary, I decided to follow my gut and stick with the road shoes and although there were a few muddy areas in the multi terrain course there wasn't any detriment to negotiating it in the road shoes.  My finishing time was four minutes slower than in 2009 but it is a very tough race and it is now firmly on my 'not to do' list and is staying there!

Easter 2011
Easter 2012
The Easter weekend concluded with a three hour visit to St Ives country estate at Bingley with my family and two dogs and my sister's family and their two dogs.  Despite the pouring rain we walked the dogs all around the wooded areas of the estate and had a lovely afternoon.  We returned just in time for me to meet some fellow club mates for an unofficial club run. A few of us completed 5 miles, choosing to run down the infamous Carr Lane, even stopping to chat to a local club runner!


This week has concluded with another parkrun taking in the second birthday celebrations of Bradford parkrun and the 100th parkrun for the legend that is Arthur James, with record attendance in Lister Park Arthur was in his element - Race Director Linda and her family made him a brilliant flag to mark the occasion. 
The flag made by Linda & her family to celebrate Arthur's 100th parkrun!

A race in the form of Wakefield Hospice 10k on Sunday finished the week off brilliantly.  Arriving at Monday once more we now have the London Marathon trip in our sights at the end of the week, and the Marathonman has almost completed his taper with just a couple of light runs to get in before the big day! Good Luck London Marathon runners everywhere!

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