Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Headlong into F50

It's been a really busy week but I managed to get across to Greetland for the Helen Windsor 10k.  My first run since the Three Peaks Challenge.  I felt rested and my aches and pains had subsided, or so I thought. The race got under way and I felt ok although it was very hot.  Marc who is now stepping up to a few longer distances since entering the Great North Run was also running, he was though, full of cold and after the first lap I caught up with him, I immediately knew something must be wrong otherwise he would have been way ahead of me.  He explained he was having trouble breathing and felt awful so he said he was going to give up and I directed him back to the start area and carried on down the hill. It's not an easy decision and one that thankfully I haven't yet had to make.  It soon became clear that I had not recovered sufficiently from our mammoth walk as my glutes screamed out and continued to do so with each downhill stretch. I was pleased to finish several minutes quicker than last year but was relieved when it was all over. It's amazing how different areas/muscles ache after walking as opposed to running.

I've now completed my first race in the F50 category following my birthday on Saturday 7th July - but I'm not making any comparisons to previous 10k's since it took place the morning after the night before, 60 friends and family joined me for a birthday meal at the Blue Sky cantonese restaurant where I had a ball, I think the restaurant owners are still in shock but I have to say they looked after us very well!  I had agreed with Kim, daughter-in-law of our dear late friend Arthur, that I would take his Jane Tomlinson, Leeds 10k number since she had entered him and herself months before he suddenly passed away, not realising at the time that it was the day after my birthday.  I hope he would have been proud as I (and club mate Lisa) accompanied fellow club member Vanessa around her first ever 10k race, since he was all about encouraging and inspiring people to run I'm sure he would have been. It was, after all, just what I needed when Lisa suggested at my birthday meal that we run together as she had already arranged to run with Vanessa.  We had a lovely run and just ahead of us was Kim and returning to running following her fall some months ago was Gill.  Liz, Derek and Mick completed the Eccleshill line up.  It was a lovely sunny day and I couldn't help thinking Arthur had arranged it again - we thought the same at the John Carr and parkrun tribute runs we did.

Monday's speed and hills was the Co-op pyramid and I'm pleased to say I completed it with gusto - finally recovered from the epic climbs and descents. I intend to make fully sure as I inadvertently have quite a few days rest from running due to the continuation of celebrations - first for our wedding anniversary and then a weekend away in Whitby for a friend's hen do.

Back soon........

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