Friday, 20 July 2012

New girl on the block!

I totally forgot that after my weekend away I wouldn't be at Monday's club night due to having bought tickets to go to Immanuel College's Summer Concert.  With Marc drumming in the band I could hardly contain myself.  Each and every performance I watch him in fills me with pride.  I can't imagine what I'll be like when he eventually does hit the big time!! I'd hazard a guess at a Justin Bieber groupie or something, well he does have a similar hair style!

Back to it on Wednesday I felt like the new girl in school.   It felt like I had been away for months! I soon got back into my stride though and after conducting the warm up for the group we set off into the wild and wonderful woodland around Apperley Bridge heading towards Calverley.

 I opted for the shortest of the three distances options of 6.5, 8 or 11 miles, having not run for a while I thought I better ease back in gently! It is so much nicer though being able to take in the surroundings of an off road run as opposed to careering round the woodland of the YVAA or Peco races. Having no sense of direction when we are running on the roads - I'm even worse when it's off-road.  Thankfully the fact that we meet at key points means no getting lost.  After about the third occasion though I heard someone say we would meet next at Shell Lane, a while later we happened upon a right turn, none of the group I was with knew whether we were supposed to take the turn or not, it didn't have a sign saying what road it was so we opted to carry straight ahead.  Meeting a car on the narrow road we stepped aside to let it pass and the gentleman spoke to us, we asked if he had seen any runners, he said he hadn't so we decided to turn around and take the right turn.  Some minutes later we came upon the group and to my surprise we were in the village of Calverley! Back in familiar surroundings we crossed the busy main road and went back into the woodland to make our way back down to Apperley Bridge.  What an uplifting return it had been and I'm now looking forward to tonight's run which is the route of a popular local race, Idle Trail Race which takes place in a few weeks time.  Despite having run the race two or three times before I don't have much of a clue as to all of the the route so it will be good to take it all in slowly and maybe pick up one or two tips for race day!

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