Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Behind the times!

I can't really say I've lost my running mojo, a term I've heard from a few club members of late but I have to say that although my body has been willing my mind really hasn't been in the zone running or writing wise so apologies that it's been a few weeks since my last update meaning I'm a little behind the times.  Still struggling to get into marathon training mode the impending 26.2 miles seem a far reaching goal.  The weather hasn't helped and neither have the weekend races.  I had planned to reduce midweek mileage, club long runs not being long enough, and increase Sunday run mileage.  It hasn't quite gone to plan as the YVAA Grand Prix series race one popped up unexpectedly!  Clashing with the Dewsbury 10k which was a club championship race - I didn't hesitate in making my mind up that I would go and run it since numbers would be low, and low they were as just four of us braved the wet, muddy and very hilly conditions of the race at Horsforth.  My mood was already low as I turned up to run and just got lower as the race progressed. I haven't considered dropping out of a race on many occasions but this was one such time.  As I emerged from an off road section out onto a pavement leading to a narrow but steep path for the second time I hit rock bottom and very nearly burst into tears! Somehow I managed to compose myself and carry on.  Some time later as I waded down hill through mud to the finish I felt a huge sense of relief and vowed that this was one for the 'not to do again list'!

I have now made a decision that I am going to try and abstain from weekend races until after the London Marathon, come what may I am going to stick to my plan of long runs on Sunday, progressing as far as I can before it's time to taper. I figure it's the only way to get every thing to fall into place.

Beginning with the Liversedge Half marathon last Sunday I now feel it's onwards and upwards. Dawn suggested I run round the course with her as a training run.  Apprehensive as to whether I may be asked to leave the course since I didn't have a number, I reluctantly agreed.  I needn't have worried, the weather was so atrocious that lots of runners donned outer jackets which covered their number so I didn't stick out like a sore thumb! I got round without incident and was pleased that I had been able to cover the mileage with relative ease and am now looking forward to completing higher mileage this coming Sunday. Liversedge though is a must for next year, such a varied if a little challenging course may well be my replacement half for the unappealing Brass Monkey.

Snowflakes at the start.........
(Dawn at the Liversedge Half, my pink jacket and shoes just visible to the far left)

Turning to icy rain.........
Photos courtesy of David Owen

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