Friday, 24 May 2013

Goals, training programmes and more........

The jury is still out on the gym business.  I went along with Marc last Sunday and did an hours session but steered well clear of the weight machines as neither of us felt confident in how to work them or what we should be doing on them.  We did a total of an hour on the cross trainer, rower and a little floor work before making an appointment to take advantage of their offer to find out what we want to get out of it and tailor make a training programme for us to help us achieve our goals.

Meanwhile, I fulfilled my promise to myself and entered some races. After this coming Tuesday's YVAA race at Bingley I then have the first of my planned races, Otley 10 mile on Wednesday 12th June.  Hopefully that will get me back into the swing of things.  I really can't get away with standing on the sidelines for too much longer.  I am repeatedly being asked 'why aren't you running?'  People (who I know have done marathons too) look at me as though I have got two heads, my explanation that I have not long since run the marathon doesn't wash! A lady much more senior than me reeled off that she had done Manchester marathon, all three John Carr's, and every other race she could think of! I felt a tad inadequate! Just what happened to the rule that after a marathon, runners should take one day per mile off to recover?

Rolling up to the gym for my programme making session I was introduced to each machine in turn by a lovely young lady (her name escapes me) and given lots of advice and guidance - at the moment I have pledged to go twice per week so I'm just hoping I can get into the swing of things and fit everything in, I've yet to work out when I will get to the swimming pool.  I really enjoyed my session on Wednesday but it's whether I can keep my focus when I turn up to do it on my own.  I already have aching abs so must be going some way to achieving my 'washboard' stomach!

Despite a cold and windy evening, Martin and I went down to Apperley Bridge to support runners in the Apperley Bridge Canter 10k race.  Organised by Horsforth Harriers it's a well attended race - it seems to attract quite a few unattached runners.  The cool evening made for perfect running conditions although it was a little windy, that didn't stop the first runner coming in at 33 minutes! I am in awe of the faster runners but it's amazing to see everyone finish, it's no wonder I get attached to race supporting instead of running them.  Copious amounts of cheers and shouts saw 5 Eccleshill runners home and as each finished we eventually made a sizeable, if a little rowdy group who stayed on until the end to cheer all the runners home.  That's Eccleshill for you!


  1. Good for you, Julie, though personally I find gyms boring and quite smelly! How about a session on a trim trail? There's one at Bramley Fall Park!

    And of course your support is always appreciated, I'm sure I could hear you as I ran the last couple of miles along the canal at the ABC!

  2. trim trail? Pray tell!

    Yes you probably could hear me I'm rather loud aren't I but I'm not bothered, I enjoy cheering as much as running, I feel so proud when an ERR vest comes into view!