Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Words of Wisdom

Dave is performing magnificently as ‘tail’ runner at Bradford parkrun. It’s certainly not an easy task for the both of us. One minute you’re steadily trailing the last runner, the next they’ve completely stopped, the next they’re off like a shot and we have all on catching them up. On the whole though I’m really proud of him, except that he’s still really giddy when people come over to see him and all he wants to do is chew on their hands, rather embarrassing but I’m seeking literature on curbing that. He’s looks the part in his new coat, which is much thinner than the expensive one I first bought him and more suited to running in as he was getting really warm in the thicker one.

I’m pleased that being the tail runner for the last few weeks has given me the opportunity to run/walk thereby not causing me too much discomfort while I was supposed to be resting. I hope that Dave and I can keep up the good work in future. Meanwhile my thoughts are turning to the Winter season of running now that the Summer is finally over with the clocks going back this weekend signalling the end of British Summertime. Here’s hoping club Members can discover the satisfaction of getting themselves out of the house throughout the coming dark, cold nights that are Winter training!!
This month’s Runner’s World (November) contains an excellent article on cross country running – the impending XC season no doubt influencing the Editor’s decision to run said feature. I think if you ask most people these are the races they ‘love to hate’. Runner’s World quite rightly says that ‘knee high mud, driving rain, howling wind and numb hands form many people’s memories of cross country running at school’ – how true! Most of us harbour a dislike of cross country running through our school experiences. I always feel that the races seem many more miles than they are, they do though, provide you with a sense of achievement on completion. Also in the article they state that cross country running is the training backbone for many of our successful distance runners including Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe and to quote Mo Farah, ‘ cross country is a tough discipline as courses can be hilly, muddy or even snow covered, but it makes you strong and it’s a great way to progress your training’. So I’ll try and keep those words of wisdom in mind when I’m cursing as I encounter another batch of mud or a seemingly impossible hill! I also love the team spirit if we can manage to coerce enough people to indulge! I must say I am quite looking forward to them and as one of the club captains will be doing my utmost to attend all 5 races in the Peco series.

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