Thursday, 14 October 2010

Goodie bags and get togethers

Team ERR

I've been extremely busy this week and as I prepare to attend the track again this evening I'm amazed that we only have another two weeks of our 'taster' training course left. How time flies!

So to date I have missed several planned races, the latest casualty being the Woodland Challenge last Sunday. I did however, have a brilliant day supporting the people who did run, these included 11 from ERR and quite a few from Hyde Park Harriers. I really did enjoy the day, it is run in beautiful surroundings and there was a fantastic camaraderie and excellent catering facilities too (bacon or sausage butties!) To top it all ERR's Claire came third lady, giving us a valid excuse to stick around for the prize presentation - wonderful hampers for all presented by the legend that is Ron Hill! The only downside to the day was the fact that the race clashed with the penultimate Vets race at Skipton which split the club up, many probably having done the same as I had done and entered Woodland Challenge many moons ago before the YVAA races were announced on the premise that it is a difficult race in which to gain entry, quite possibly due to the lure of the infamous goodie bag.

A girlie get together at 'Don't Tell Titus' in Saltaire afterwards reiterated the advantages of club running once more! Am I starting to paint a picture that I partake in this sport for the social side of things? That's ok isn't it?......

So next on the agenda is the final race of Eccleshill's Summer Championships, Bridlington Half Marathon, another race I have been looking forward to as I ran it with a groin injury last year and despite really enjoying it I was going to give it my 'all' this year, although I'm not sure what my 'all' is anymore. It isn't, however, looking too promising at the moment.

I don't envy those people taking part in the Bradford Half this weekend whilst we are beside the seaside but I do wish them luck. I am told a tough course awaits them so this is one race I don't have a longing to take part in but I'm sure they'll all do their best and have a brilliant day whether they take part in the half or the relay. So on that note I better get moving on down to Horsfall Track and see just what Coach Scobie has in store for us this week.....

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