Thursday, 28 October 2010

to do or not to do?

I have continued to steadily get back to training this week and increase my mileage slightly. I visited Ove my physio again yesterday and he was very pleased with my progress as I explained I had increased my mileage with little more discomfort than stiff ankles each morning. I had intended to seek his opinion as to whether I should take part in the next of my planned races, the Guy Fawkes 10 mile this coming Sunday - Halloween, I think I knew what his answer would be and bottled it. I came away feeling pleased with myself that he had said I didn’t need to go back but continue to carry out the exercises he had given me and adding the ‘plank’ to my routine!
Why oh why are we so complacent and just expect our bodies to perform the gruelling training we put in week in week out? It isn’t until you are unable to train that you sit and consider where you went wrong. It’s only by talking to experts like Ove and Brian Scobie that you realise. It’s a bit like wiping the steam from the windows and then you can see in a little more clearly. I for one am taking stock and going to rethink my current regimes, and consciously try to make amends, I certainly don’t want to end up back to square one. First off is a phone call to Pete May (Runner’s Rub fame) to arrange regular massage to try and prevent future injury and also make an effort to cross train with a different form of exercise, maybe I’ll get back into my twice weekly swimming.......
I cannot believe how quick the sixth and final session with coach Brian Scobie and Assistant coach Michael Delmonte has come about and it was much as I had expected, further progression with the interval training in the form of increasing the effort without increasing the distance. I have to say that these sessions have been absolutely fabulous and left me with so much respect for the experts involved. There is rumour that the sessions may continue with coaches within the Airedale Athletics network aiming to run sessions in the future and if this does materialise I will certainly consider taking part and recommend them to others. I can see how the sessions have helped fellow runners to improve even in such a short time with Sophie gaining PB’s abound and Gill and Dawn motoring along, I am only slightly disappointed that I had to miss out on several of the initial sessions and really wasn’t able to give maximum effort in those I was able to partake in. Never the less I still feel I have benefited both from those I didn’t take part in and those I did.
So now the question is Guy Fawkes or not Guy Fawkes...... oh the lure of a fab goody bag!

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