Friday, 11 March 2011

I won, I won!

I know what it feels like now to win a race.

For the most part of a week now my sleep patterns have been very erratic. No not because I won a race and can't sleep for thinking about it. In fact I wish I knew why. I have a few theories of course, thoughts of a long run, thoughts of a long race, eating too late, pain following a sports massage, certainly not because I won a race and the excitement lingered long afterwards!

Of course, you may have guessed, I was dreaming! The elation, however, was very real. It may have only been a 5k but I crossed that finish line in first place. Proud as a peacock I strutted over to my waiting family to be hugged and celebrated like a champion! I won't dwell on what might have been because it simply won't be. I accept that. That doesn't mean I don't have goals though. Everyone needs goals otherwise what's the point of it all. My goal for the foreseeable future is that by the middle of the year I'm back to where I was at the same point last year. Enjoying my running and racing and achieving the odd PB. I am still treading carefully and building up my fitness in the hope that I can build up my confidence to once more believe that I can beat previous times in a races. I am fully aware that half of the battle is convincing myself what I'm capable of in my head, once that battle is won then everything else will, hopefully fall into place.

I reported back to Peter May on Thursday following our Wednesday club run. He is so passionate about keeping his clients running that he asks for feedback when you run following a massage. I often forget but not this week. I explained to him that I had toyed with the idea of not running after my massage but decided to give it a go, after which I felt as though a steam roller had run over my legs. Thursday morning however, was a different story and they felt much better. He assured me that I should be feeling back to normal by Sunday. Good job then since Dawn has a 15 miler planned. I'm just waiting to see what coach Mick has mapped out for us.

Due to a disastrous day today and not leaving work until 8:40 pm, least said soonest mended, I ended up not going to club, so parkrun with Dave in the morning should set me in good stead for the long haul on Sunday.


  1. I love this post, Joolz! It is a premonition...

  2. *chuckle*
    I also dream of a figure like hers!!!!