Sunday, 27 March 2011

British Summertime begins

I remember a few weeks ago telling Dawn that I would be totally unavailable to run on Sunday the 27th of March. My brother-in-law had planned a surprise 50th Birthday party for my sister, could I make her a cake, could I go into the venue early and decorate the party room and set out the food ready for him leading her unsuspectingly into a room full of baying relatives and friends, Of course! No time (or no state!) to run!

A week or so later I had moved the goal posts, 'I could probably run in the afternoon of the 27th' (If it meant Dawn didn't have to run alone).

Another week passed, 'I don't drink to excess anyway and I am usually up early after a night out so I'll text you when I'm up and we'll set a time to run in the morning'.

A kindly text from Dawn on Saturday evening reminded me that the clocks go forward and not to forget but have a good time at the party! Oh yes British Summertime begins!

The party went to plan and my poor sister was suitably shocked at discovering she was in fact attending her own party and not the 'going away party for the Sicilian exchange students' she was expecting! Her face was a picture! So, a good time had by all I rolled up home at 1:10 just in time to put the clocks forward to 2:10 a.m.

As I had expected I was wide awake at 8 am (7 am) and so I went downstairs and text Dawn to say I would be ready for off in 2 hours. We met at Rawdon Meadows, Apperley Bridge and Dawn outlined the route, in fact I had emailed her an extract from my training log last year where Lisa had mapped a run out to Horsforth, Adel, Bramhope and back via Yeadon Airport but the directions were a little sketchy but it sounded like much the same route. It was a fine morning - it was lovely to see Helen, Don, Janice & Karon who were also meeting to run. Off we set along the canal, the three Musketeers, Me, Dawn and Alison.

It wasn't long before we heard a voice from one of the barges - there stood Lisa, a fairly new member at club. I jokingly shouted 'that's the life!' after a brief conversation we went on our merry way. It was one of those days where it felt good to be running and everyone (or almost everyone) you encounter is very pleasant, people stood aside for us to pass 'keep going' they would shout as we thanked them for letting us pass. Even the cyclists were pleasant. Horsforth was the first place we passed through and as we travelled along the road towards Lawnswood I began to remember running the same route with Lisa and Sophie but in the snow, what a difference to today's weather! Going through Adel a large crowd of scooter riders we had earlier seen taking a pit stop in a pub car park all came riding past, vying for the front spot they were all overtaking one another, what a site to behold all those scooters in one big group. Next we came into Bramhope, passing Liz and Chris Jones' house I wondered whether they would be at home, unlikely as they too are doing London Marathon they are probably out training, I thought.

A little further along the road we came to a sign saying 'Fox & Hounds' ahh that was the pub which Sophie had to make an unscheduled stop at last year. Dawn announced we weren't going up that way but carrying straight on. Arriving near the top of Pool Bank with about a quarter still to go we set about making our way towards Leeds Bradford Airport. The hill wasn't nearly as bad as it had looked but I must admit I was feeling quite tired and my 'dancing' feet were aching. The traffic was immense and with just a narrow part of the road to run on, facing the cars head on it got a little bit hairy for me, my heart was pounding and I couldn't even bear to look at Dawn in front of me running head long at the traffic, I dropped back behind Alison and put my head down, I was so relieved when the pavement appeared once more and we could get off the road. Phew!

As we neared Yeadon, Murgatroyds etc I visualised our arrival at Apperley Bridge. Approaching the turn off to take us down the hill to the car park Dawn announced we weren't going that way but down to Guiseley first! I turned to Alison and chuckled, she's trying to kill me off! Lo and behold half way down the hill she began talking about carrying on along the canal for a couple more miles. Alison said she couldn't manage any more her hips were hurting and I was at the stage where I really wanted to get finished and I also needed to get back out to Otley and pick up my car which I had left there the evening before. I had to admit I couldn't manage any more so Superwoman got me my bag out of her car and off she trot towards the direction of the canal. I really must ask her what she's on, I'll have some!

So another week has ebbed away leaving just three weeks until London and their taper in sight! I can clearly remember getting to that stage last year, the feeling that all the hard work is done and it really is just a case of keeping your head when all around you lose theirs and getting to that start line. OOOh the excitement and that's just me!
Footnote: I've been dreaming again, this time I dreamt that I got a number for VLM from a complete stranger who pulled out - she told me her name but I can't remember it! I really must stop this late night eating!


  1. Wow! Well done Julie - what dedication!!

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