Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The wonders of the Wii

I'm really pleased that I have, so far, managed to keep up regular training on my Wii fit plus. Starting out with yoga on the nights I don't run has been great! I've started to really enjoy it and really do think it is contributing to keeping me on an upward journey back to full fitness. I do keep letting the fact that I am not getting any younger creep into my thoughts but then I try think about our veteran member Arthur who despite having a current knee injury which he is waiting to have surgery on, is still keeping very active by doing Bradford parkrun each week and also walking countless miles with Queensbury Walking Group. He also still attends club when it's a session he thinks he can cope with. Then there's fellow Eccleshill member Gill, in her 50's about to embark on he first marathon in London in a few short weeks. So you see age really is no barrier unless you let it become so.

I must admit I had to 'pass' on the hill session this week though. Following our indoor coached session last Friday I suffered greatly with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The long run on Sunday, no doubt was also a contributing factor to my aches and pains. So a 3 mile recovery run it was.

I've now begun to explore the other features on my Wii fit in the hope of keeping my interest from waining. I've now discovered muscle training which is much more aerobic than yoga and also balance training. I ask myself, Why oh why didn't I explore it's features sooner, I've only had the thing 18 months!

Tonight's club run is another 10 miler. This distance seems surprisingly tame these days! Trimpell 20 on Sunday will end another week of quite high marathon (that I'm not doing!) training. Oddly I'm looking forward to it even though I know what's in store.

On Friday the lovely Lisa who left us in September to reside in sunny Spain for a while is coming to visit and run with us. Drinks in the UCC bar afterwards are enough to tempt anyone to run a few miles!

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