Monday, 14 March 2011

Ice, Ice Baby!

Our planned 15 mile run yesterday turned into a 17 mile run at the blink of an eye! Torrential rain through the night on Saturday would mean puddles galore on the canal. Puddle dodging is not something to partake in at the end of a 15 mile run!

So, Mick rather helpfully suggested to Dawn to cut off Baildon Bottom and follow the road round behind the canal side apartments and return along Leeds Road from Shipley. This obviously didn't register in my mind as I would have recalled doing a similar route last year which was 17 miles, the last few being torture. However I happily went along with the plan and it wasn't until we came under the railway bridge at Dockfield Road I realised we were actually joining the bottom of Leeds Road. I tried desperately not to think about the long haul ahead but my effort was in vain. Thankfully it wasn't too long before we reached Thackley and the road levelled out. Starting to feel much better if a little achy we arrived back at Apperley Bridge in no time at all. focusing on my aching limbs, thoughts of a cooling remedy lurked in my head. Ice bath? I thought. I remembered some weeks ago I had read (BBC newsreader) Sophie Raworth's blog (she is training for London), she documented how she considered an ice bath a la Paula Radcliffe, she however, chickened out, I didn't intend to. At the time of reading Sophie's blog I filled several ice cube bags and placed them in the freezer, as I hadn't plucked up the courage to use them until now, I forthrightly filled the bath with cold water and tossed in the bags of ice cubes. It seemed like a good idea at the time! I placed my watch on the toilet cistern so that I could monitor the time I spent in there, just how long was one supposed to immerse ones self in the icy depths? Ah well I would play it by ear....

First one foot, then the other, finally I managed to sit down, focus on my breathing and devour the rest of an energy bar I had started during our run. Goosebumps a plenty, I managed 7 minutes before the pain in my toes got the better of me - wondering if I had spent enough time in there for it to be of benefit - I pulled out the plug, turned on the hot tap followed by the cold until I had a luke warm mix to get washed in, hopefully not undoing the good that the cold water had done.

Result! Today my legs feel tip top! The 17 miles just a distant memory! Looking forward to tonight's speed and hills session at club.

I hope that I can now become a champion of the benefits of ice baths - time will tell, if I have the courage to partake further after next week's long run......

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