Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Faster than the speed of light!

Well not quite! Last night we dropped the 'hills' from our 'speed and hills' session and turned it into a speed session!

Some time ago sessions were provided by the club behind local supermarket, Morrisons at Five Lane Ends. These sessions were coached activities comprising, hurdles, relays etc. Very enjoyable sessions they were too. Trying to keep what is provided on training nights fresh and varied is a difficult task which we, the Committee, all have a hand in from time to time. Mick suggested a while ago that we might benefit from a speed based variation such as a track session or similar, aimed at improving fitness. After failing to secure a night where we could use the nearest track to our club on one of our training nights, Horsfall near Shelf, he suggested that we might be able to use the industrial area round the back of Morrisons, some weeks later he had cleared the way for us to use it.

We (Mick & I) met up an hour before our monthly steering Committee meeting on Sunday tea time to throw some ideas around and see if we could remember anything from our previous sessions. We came up with a few ideas and agreed that we should keep the session quite short but with maximum effort. I'm pleased to report that by and large it went really well. The weather wasn't kind to us, it was very blustery and drizzling the whole time we were training. Those Members that expressed their views, approved of our team relays and overall speed work saying that it was really good as it encouraged you to work hard without realising it. The camaraderie involved in such sessions is second to none, if you didn't know everyone's names beforehand you did afterwards! It really did turn into a bonding exercise. I hope that the enthusiasm will spread throughout the club and encourage those who may be perhaps a little apprehensive at trying such sessions to give it a go next time.

Wednesday sees the final race in the John Carr 5k series and I'm pleased to report that I was a couple of pounds lighter when I alighted the scales last Saturday so hopefully by now I might just have shed a couple more......is that elusive PB on the cards? Watch this space!!

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