Friday, 27 May 2011

Taking stock........

It's necessary to take stock from time to time. In all areas of life. This week I have been forced to take stock, all round. It's got to the point where I seriously do not know if I'm coming or going, big style. I'm always like that anyway, trying to stretch myself here, there and everywhere, that's my nature, I've never, ever, been any different. Something in my life changes, for whatever, reason, something takes over that spot. I deal with it. For the most part. Then for some unknown reason, (well that's not entirely true, but let's not go there,)I am forced to take stock, look at how ridiculous my weeks have become, which is difficult because they all blur into one. Trying to balance, work, home, running, tending my allotment and everything else which weaves in between all that, and it's just not working. Several times last week I found myself down at Stanley Street allotments watering my vegetables at going on for 10 O'clock, yes in the dark!

These Summer months, lighter, longer nights may be favourable but we always want more don't we? Not satisfied that it doesn't really draw in until 9:40 I have to stretch it out even longer.

So my first casualty? Parkrun.... I have had to make the difficult decision to step back, at least for a while. Largely due to the transport issues I've been documenting recently, and there's still no sign of a solution. As well as the prospect of adding over six miles to the 5k parkrun by walking there and back, three club nights and mid week races, I started to feel the pinch. I've had a couple of near misses injury wise in the last couple of weeks, hamstring and quad strains, so I fear I am treading on rocky ground and may well be heading for trouble. I may make further changes still, but for now I'm going to see how it goes. I am still on the trail of an alternative activity to even out the load and have been looking into Zumba classes ....... here we go again......

Meanwhile I'm extremely pleased to report that I did obtain that elusive PB at the final race in the John Carr series - not by very much but none the less a PB of which I'm very proud as the 5k time to beat was set in 2009!

There's life in the old dog yet!

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