Friday, 16 March 2012

Eventful, accidental & incidental!

What an eventful week it's been.  I'll keep on the subject of running otherwise I'll be here until next week!

Following a lovely Sunday and a productive Monday at work came the weekly speed and hills session at club.  I always go to these with the thought that I'll not put full effort in if I've raced the day before. However, I very rarely take my own advice and only on the odd occasion have I done something different, like running the 3 mile route we use for the monthly time trial as a recovery run for example.  I don't like doing this as it causes a splinter group which in itself could cause problems. Sometimes though, thankfully not very often, problems do arise,  I can count on one hand the times I remember incidents occurring whilst we have been on a run and all of those times we have analysed the situation and learnt from it.  Last Monday we were doing the Co-op pyramid, it's quite a jaunt now from Pulse Gym to the site of our mammoth pyramid session, but it does provide an excellent warm up in preparation.  The 9 reps which make up the pyramid actually amount to around a 10k distance.  Over the course of the evening I was mainly running with Sarah.  We steadily completed the pyramid and with one rep to go to complete the session we bade farewell to some who were going home immediately from the Co-op and off we went.  Returning to the start point there wasn't a soul in sight.  We pondered, had they decided to do another lap instead of standing getting cold? We waited, and waited, and waited.  Nobody emerged.  We then began to entertain thoughts that we had been left behind.  Sarah's intention was to return straight home and not go to Pulse since that was nearer for her. Nobody materialised so we decided we had better make tracks, refusing  her offer to run back to club or me to run to her house and she would bring me back in the car, I said to her that I would run to the top of the road and then she could go home and I might just meet up with the group as I retraced their steps back to the gym. Seemed like such a good idea at the time.

We parted company and I was alone. It felt quite late.  I then began to think about the journey ahead, I hadn't thought about the rows of shops down Swaine House Road where the kids normally hang about and quite often ridicule us or try to run alongside us.  I began to regret my decision to go it alone.  A van drove past and a kind soul hung out of the window and let out a blood curdling scream, I jumped out of my wits and my heart began to pound.  I carried on wishing I had my phone so I could phone home for a lift.  Dramatic it may sound but by now I was scared witless and even more so at the thought of having to go down past those shops to the gym! Note to self: run with phone in future! All's well that ends well, no harm done!

Wednesday's run passed without event thankfully! Another hilly 10 miler banked.

Next encounter was Friday as we undertook our 'social' run of the week.. Social was a good way to describe it, we had chatted all evening as we ran the twisting, turning route.  About 3 miles in and we turned a corner to go continue on our way, all of a sudden Gill fell to the ground.  Flat out.  My heart sank, I rushed over to her and as we all tended her, I advised her not to move and established where she was hurting, despite it looking like she had broken her arm, the position it was in, she said her ankle was hurting, we gently helped her to sit up but remain on the ground.  The swelling around her ankle was immediately visible.  Shirley immediately said she would go and get her car to get Gill back to club.  She did.  The club provided a bag of ice for her to put on it and we made her tea, allowing her to relax before making an attempt to see if she was going to be ok to drive home, thankfully she said she was.  On attending A & E later that night though they said they didn't think she had broken it but that it was unstable and so put her in a pot and asked her to return the following Tuesday.  We wait to hear  the news and hope it isn't broken.

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