Sunday, 11 March 2012

Podium finish

The whirr of the treadmill is quite annoying as I sit and write.  I'm glad I'm not the one on it.  Martin (aka marathonman as I now like to call him) is completing his last run of the week as he gets ever closer to the London marathon and chose, on this beautiful Sunday to do it on the treadmill.  Rejecting an offer from me to do another double whammy.  Having returned from the beautiful market town of Otley, the home of the final race in this year's Peco cross country league, Spring was definitely in the air, the sun shone with only a light breeze making it feel a little cool. He refused my offer to accompany him on an outdoor run in favour of the treadmill, each to their own. The course at Otley, although a tough, hilly one, was set in the beautiful surroundings of Chevin Forest Park (although it was stated to be held in Danefield Park? 'Googling' it didn't reveal it's location so I was baffled when we arrived to find that's where it was.  I may stand corrected but I've never heard it called that before.  Anyway now it's done I can say it was a lovely race and Team ERR have pledged to come back and run round there on a training session - not sure how we'll get on without all the lovely marshals and the thousands of pieces of red and white tape to guide us!

The final Peco race also heralded the final race in the club's Winter championship.  Summer and the light evenings it brings with it really are on their way. I'm really excited and proud that the culmination of the season's hard work has yielded me the honour that I will be presented with Ladies first place for the first time ever! I've been awarded trophies for taking part, 2nd and 3rd  - never in nearly five years of being at the club, have I earned a first. I can't describe what it feels like (akin to a podium finish I imagine!) but something like 'a kid in a sweet shop' will come close.  Maybe I'll have a better description when I actually get my hands on the trophy!

                                                             My treasure trove so far

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  1. Fantastic, Julie. Though to me, you're always number one!