Friday, 16 July 2010

A New Running Buddy?

Ever felt you had been 'ganged' up on? I have recently : (

I'll start at the beginning........ A few weeks ago we suffered the loss of our beloved dalmatian Millie, and though she was getting on in her years it was all too sudden for me and I was left somewhat in shock after her death. As the weeks passed we started to realise life was a little easier without a dog and I came to the conclusion that we would not have another one - not at the moment anyway. My husband and sons then decided they wanted one of our elder sons whippet x greyhound puppies - after much fratching I was forced to accept they were going to get one with or without my consent (one of the disadvantages of being the only female in our house!) Enter... Dave and I have to admit his beautiful blue eyes are captivating and you really can't help but fall in love with him. I know they say a dog is a faithful friend but he's a boy so that may not be the case!

So the advantages of having a dog now have to be sought, the only one that springs to mind so far is whippets/greyhounds are good runners...........

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