Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pleasurable? Pain?

Finally! Penny Brooke phoned me back on Tuesday and after a short discussion she said she had an appointment free on Wednesday morning. Without a second thought I jumped at the chance and booked it! Panic then set in, along with the fears I already had about how painful it might be I then realised I had a relay race in the evening, would I be ok to run? I emailed Mick for his advice (he's a massage frequenter!) - his reply said that he doesn't usually run when he's had a massage - oops. Anyway I went ahead with it and gingerley entered the health centre where Penny is based, gave my name and took a seat to await my fate!

Penny called my name moments later and I was led like a lamb to the slaughter into a side room. She proceeded to ask me questions around my running, health etc and examined my old trainers which she had requested I take along, 'these tell a story' she said, and proceeded to tell me I'm a heel striker with a funny swirl to my foot strike, amongst other things! Let the massage begin. She guessed I had had children by the way I was able to stay relaxed through some of the painful massage techniques. I have to say that it was way worse than I was expecting and most especially the soles of my feet, by heck it hurt! Other parts of my body made me giggle with a mixture of pain and relief! The good news for me though was her analysis of my Achillles. She said that it was not too bad and a 'thickening' of the tendon had not ocurred as it often does. She gave me some excellent advice and I came away with a leaflet enabling me to stretch and rehabilitate the injury. I haven't made up my mind whether I will go back yet, the next few days will no doubt be an indicator of whether I feel I have had any benefit from it so watch this space.

Now to see how the relay goes this evening, I'm sooo looking forward to it!

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