Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This week has not exactly gone to plan!

After trying to assess whether I should run or dine on my birthday I decided on the run (less calories) and entered the Helen Windsor 10k in Halifax, on the night. Having not done this before I did wonder what I had let myself in for. As I feared it was rather hilly and the muggy weather didn't help either. On the flip side though it was a very scenic course and well attended. Once we got up the 'undulations' to reach Greetland it was fairly well down hill or flat from there. Unusually the memento was a pair of socks! Well pleased, made a nice change from a t-shirt!

After the race we stood around chatting with other runners and as it often does the topic of conversation turned to injuries. Mick and Dawn again sang the praises of their physio/masseur, Penny Brooke - so I have finally bitten the bullet and contacted her with a view to making an appointment for a massage and hopefully obtain some advice on my ongoing Achilles injury, meanwhile Sophie has loaned me a book which has a section on just that so I plan to follow that advice forthwith.

Somehow I don't think a 10 mile race would have been advisable by the physio or the book but that's what I decided to do instead of going to Honley to do the Vets race and found myself at Eccup instead of Huddersfield! I now feel as though my training and racing are suffering and although I think this is more psychological than physical I think the time has come to address the problem before I end up in deep trouble (I think I might have said that before!).

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